Saturday, September 17, 2011

Abaseria Deli and Cafe

Abaseria Deli and Cafe
39-B Pres. Roxas St. cor. Cong. Noel St., Villa Aurora Subd, Kasambagan, Cebu

After celebrating my birthday with my family for lunch, I readied my things and went to the airport for Cebu! Fern and I got there earlier than Chuck, who came from a tournament in Davao. Jet-setter ang peg. =)) We picked him in the airport and he told me that we will go to Abaseria first to look for the accessories that I wanted. This was around 9pm at night already, so I objected knowing that his family is waiting for us at his house for us to have dinner to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know, Abaseria, apart from it being an accessories shop is also a restaurant. So our conversation went like this...

ikya: where are we going to have dinner? You pick na coz you know more places here.
chuck: let's go look at your accessories first in Jjay's tita's store then let's decide from there.
ikya: ha? wag na! It's 9pm already and your family is waiting for us to have dinner. I can do it tomorrow or some other day.
chuck: ngayon na. It's closed tomorrow Sunday and Jjay's busy next week.
ikya: edi I'll do it Monday while you have your practice round. Jjay doesn't have to come with me. I can come in as a customer lang. I'll take a cab.
chuck: ehhhh. Now na. It's on the way anyway.
--since it was his turf, I had to obliged even though it sounded so silly.

So I came in Abaseria first knowing that we were only going to look at accessories and I was greeted loudly with a "happy birthday!" Since I was stunned to see them, my instant reaction was to run back and so I did and Chuck stopped me. hahaha

Abaseria is a cute cozy restaurant where intimate parties can be held. It was a perfect place to celebrate my birthday..thanks to chuck. :) It is also well decorated with trinkets.

Nice. :) The best part about this place is that they serve great tasting food! I'm not saying this because I had a great experience here in terms of the surprise, but really their food is yum! Here is what we ate. Don't know their names though. :p




Chicken eaten with the below

This dish is definitely my favorite. MUST TRY!!!



My cake :)

Cake-blowing! The most embarrassing part of the night. haha

Extra sweetened ice tea "shake"

RECAP!!! With Chuck's mom and the owner of Abaseria. :)

I enjoyed all these with chuck's family and the cebu team. Boo that pictures don't show everyone. You guys know who you are. :)

- Great for casual or even special type of dates. If you want a cozy/homey, this is the place to go
- Price is worth it for the taste of the food.
- Will definitely come back here for the food and hopefully check out their accessories! Never got the chance to do so during my 5 days stay in Cebu! hahaha

And of course.. THANK YOU CHUCK. <3

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Banilad Town Center, 6014 Cebu City, Philippines

ikya was in Cebu for her birthday week and of course we celebrated her birthday everyday and every night. :) During here first night we celebrated the last few hours of her birthday and the salubong for Ado's birthday at Goombah. It was so funny because when we were thinking of a place to drink, the cebu gang suggested this place and everyone was like, "unsa? bumba?" Goombah. :)


It had a very unique concept to it: restaurant/bar/gaming area. They had old school games like pacman! Here's chuck trying to beat ikya's score in pacman =))

We had dinner before going here at Abaseria (wait for our post!), so we didn't order a lot of food. More drinks is more like it. ;) We did order their fried pizza. YUM. It's double unhealthy but it is really good! We can splurge once in awhile ;) Where can I find something like this in Manila?? Any suggestions?

We also ordered these potato thingies. Warning: it's extremely hot so put holes on the potato balls before eating. haha They can improve on the dip though. But potato balls are good! I think we ordered the one with pepperoni inside. :)

On to the drinks. I don't even want to explain every shot we had. haha i don't remember some of the names. These pictures will explain for us.

Boys will never get tired of beer, so Cebu style = red horse.

For the girls....we had THESE!

A shot of cuervo to start the night! The only drink we didn't make ourselves =))

A drink called Blowjob for the obvious reason that you have to drink it with no hands.

I forgot what we called this drink. It's beer in the mug and a shot of something that you drop on the beer and chug!

Potion drink. It's a drink the owner made us try because we were such great customers. It was the first time they released it. Good coz it tasted like medicine. sorry it really did.

Here's our picture with the owner (wearing gray). Thank you for the place and the free drink! until next time! :)
We drank more than the above, but I think everyone was too tipsy to take a picture. Booo.

Here's a picture of the gang. :) Boo to the people who left early!

- Good place to hang out with your friends.
- Love the restaurant and barcade concept
- Will definitely make this a drinking spot when we're in Cebu!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bugsy's Bar and Bistro

Bugsy's Bar and Bistro

Unit C 105 City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave. Pasig City, Metro Manila 
Unit 1 Paseo Park View Tower, San Agustin St. cor. Sedeno St. Salcedo Vill. Makati City

Discovered this place while I was looking for a party location for Chuck's graduation suprise party. His family was going to attend so I couldn't pick Bugsy's just because it wasn't homey and had yuppies as it's market. We did get to try it during my brother and his girlfriend's anniversary. Yep! Chuck and I tagged along. The last time I went to this restaurant was in Makati to visit my sister. She worked nearby. The one in Ortigas is next to the City Golf Range, so Chuck likes it there.

That's him putting. Anyway, here's their menu. They have a lot of food to choose from. Just read the description and you'll be craving for all in no time!

Here is what we ordered. For starters, we tried the Buffalo Wings. Taste is okay. Have tasted better Buffalo Wings though. Chicken is well cooked.

We also tried the Marco's Honey Garlic Tenders. This dish is to crave for! It is really good. Serving is big too. They were very generous with the sauce. It was served hot and crispy. YUM!

Another starter that we ordered is from their new menu called Salmon and Green Coral Salad. Salmon was good, but the salad lacked sauce for me. You'd have to scrape the plate to get sauce on your greens. Serving was also small for the price. Salmon nowadays are pricey, I guess?

On to the main courses. We ordered something light: fish and chips - battered dory fish fillet, fries, lemon butter sauce. Loved their lemon sauce! Fish was too soft for me, but good nonetheless. It disintegrates the moment you put your fork in it.

We also ordered Grandma's Country Fried Steak - breaded steak, mashed potatoes, country gravy. This dish is okay. I'd rather have the Honey Garlic Tenders with the rice.

For the last main dish, we ordered this pasta. Forgot the name. Seems like Carbonara to me. It was a normal tasting dish. 

We also ordered their famous Lychee Martini. I liked it when I tried it Citygolf, but I hated the one in Salcedo. Too strong.

Chuck got his usual. Jack Daniel's :)

Congratulations to the couple! We borrowed the hats of the waiters. :))

- Definitely a place to eat and drink with friends.
- A bit pricey but food is good. Catch happy hour until 8pm for their buy one take one promo on selected drinks!
- Will definitely come back for the other food on the menu and for the Marco's Honey Garlic Tenders. :)

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Monday, September 12, 2011

National Sports Grill

National Sports Grill
Level 3, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
Tel: (+632) 7284126

We do not really love watching college basketball games live just because we do not want to squeeze with a lot of people....and watching elsewhere is just so comfortable. During the DLSU and Ateneo fight, we along with our friends decided to watch the game at National Sports Grill. We got great seats inside the restaurant in front of the big projector screen. The only problem is that it was too cold inside!

For starters, we ordered Potato skins - Potato skins filled with cheese, real bacon bits and green onions. Served with ranch dressing and salsa. It looks really good in the picture. Maybe if it were freshly
cooked, it would be really good. But the one we got seemed like it was reheated. Love their sauce!

We also ordered Caesar Caesar Augusta as another starter - Grilled chicken breast on top of romaine lettuce & garlic croutons tossed with our famous Caesar dressing. Garnished with grated parmesan cheese & tomato wedges. Nothing special, but nothing short of goodness. :)

Our friend ordered the San Francisco Burger - On sourdough parmesan bread with lettuce, tomato, pickle chips, cheese, grilled onions & National sauce. He loved every bite of it. Beef is splendid!

Chuck ordered the Karate Chops - Two grilled pork chops marinated in teriyaki sauce. Served with garlic rice, coleslaw, buttered corn, fruit* and BBQ sauce. Healthy option! Chops were soft and easy to chew.

ikya ordered the Chicken Parmesan - Your choice of red or white sauce to top our breaded chicken breast with melted cheese and perfectly cooked penne pasta. Warning: really big serving for this one! Taste of pasta wasn't awesome but when eaten with the chicken, this dish goes up our list! Good for sharing for those who do not eat a lot. Just order an appetizer if unsure. :)

As mentioned, it was really cold, so ikya ordered hot chocolate for her drink. Frothy. :)

- This is our restaurant when we want to watch live streaming of games
- A bit pricey but servings are huge, so we guess that's where they "bawi"
- Would like to give their pizzas a try next time. :)

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mr. Kurosawa

Mr. Kurosawa
G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City

It was a Friday night and the girls and I decided to keep it chill, so no partying..just dinner and life talks. :) Since Joh and Cat had work until around 7 and their offices are near Eastwood, we decided to have dinner there. I couldn't pass up the chance of being near a Happy Lemon branch and not buy, so I bought my favorite drink before seeing the girls. 

We decided to eat at Mr. Kurosawa since Tracy's Japanese food addiction just started. I first discovered this place in Resorts World. They have a really good interior designer - eye-catching.

Their menu is sooo heavy.

Here is what we ordered. It was a night full of sushi. :) The classic California Roll. It would have been normal if not for the crab stick salad on top of the sushi and the salad on the side.

Crunchy tuna roll. This is my least favorite of all the sushi. It didn't taste like anything special. The crunchiness added edge to it though.

Favorite sushi is the Monte Carlo! It had cheese on it. Must try. :) I can never get enough of cheese!

I decided to order something not of the sushi menu and the thing that caught my eye is the Bacon wrapped Dory. Taste did not disappoint. Dory was very soft, bacon added saltiness to it, and the sauce matched the whole dish.

Since Cat and I felt hungry, we also ordered Japanese Fried Rice to eat with the Dory. YUM! My yang chow of Japanese food. :)

Enjoyed with my girls. :)

And our fashion poses. :))

- Japanese food with a twist
- Felt their menu is the same as it's other sister restaurants, but with a different name
- Price is a bit on the high side. So go here with a full wallet or else you'll end up not ordering the food you really want to try.
- Hoping that it will serve something not with the same food group as it's other sister restaurants
- Overall, a good food experience. :)

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