Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch
2nd Level, Entertainment Mall
Bay Blvd., Central Business Park, Bay City
Pasay, Metro Manila

Meggie and her classmates were in Manila for their OJT. We only had a few nights to hang with them because they were sooo busy. Of the few times we hanged out, we ate at Pepper Lunch since they couldn’t resist the smell and we don't think there is one in Cebu now.

Here is what we ate. Most of us got the Teriyaki Beef. NOMNOMNOM!


With our tongues burnt and our clothes smelling like food. haha

- definitely better than their copycats.
- food is too hot when served. :(
- A few choices, but food is really good. Love the sauce!!!
- Can we eat here without getting the smell of the food? Kakahiya when you go inside an elevator and you smell like ihaw! :))

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


34th Street corner 8th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City

We are addicted to weekend markets because these places are where we get to try different types of food...sometimes at an affordable price and sometimes not so. We were "Salcedo marketers" and when this new food market came in, we decided to give it a shot. We think what separates Mercato with the other weekend food markets is that it gives people especially teenagers a place where they can hang out before or maybe after their weekend gimmick. Very evident during Fridays where you see girls in dresses and heels and boys in polos. 

Of the many times we've been here below are our top choices.

- Manang's chicken is the best!!! Followed by the Yankee burger. YUM!
- Better to go here in groups so one or two can save a table and the others buy food. Too much people!!!
- We wish they get more vendors to add variety.

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Bonchon Chicken

Bonchon Chicken
Greenbelt 1
Taft (University Mall)

Chicken craze in Manila!! The chicken is really good, but we prefer the wings. We know you’ve tried it already given the hype it made so these pictures are just to tease your tummies. :)

UM definitely is a safer and brighter place now with all the restaurants that opened. Lucky for DLSU and CSB students!

- It's good but not something we'd crave for. There are other restaurants that serve chicken/buffalo wings with variety in terms of hotness or sweetness level, sauces....
- Crispiness of the chicken is superb. Believe this and the sauce is what makes it a winner!

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Monday, December 05, 2011

Chesa Bianca

Chesa Bianca
7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village, Makati
892 7524 (fax) / 815 1359 (landline)


It was our 2nd anniversary and we celebrated by eating at a fine dining restaurant. Ikya and I have always been curious about the row of restaurants that we pass through every time we go home. We keep on saying to try, but we never have, so I decided to take her to one of the restaurants for our anniversary.
Chesa Bianca is a Swedish restaurant - whose cuisine we both have never tried/heard from before. It was exciting that both of us didn't know what to expect. Upon entering the restaurant, it felt really cozy and clean. The walls were lined with wood, typical of a Swedish resto in Sweden? I guess. It felt very European in short.

What we ate.

Free appetizer from the chef! Thank you :)

This dish was mainly just cheese! with potatoes, carrots, and pickles on the side. The cheese was good, but it was a weird combination for us Filipinos.

This was another cheese inspired dish. Ham with melted cheese on top with an egg. It was your basic ham and cheese and egg sandwich without the bread. Just kidding, it was a little more than that. A bit salty, but it was good.

Stroganoff!? This was our favorite dish of the night. Pasta with whiteface and beef strips. The beef was good and so was the sauce. Who knew Swedish pasta was good.

Our drinks! Iced tea and mango juice.

Here we are in the "wooden" restaurant. Good ambience and great company makes for a delicious dining experience. Love you ikya. <3

- Good date restaurant if you're both into cheese. 
- A bit pricey.
- Service is great.
- We might go back for more cheese inspired dishes, but not that we crave for it that much. Maybe if we feel a bit adventurous. They say the cheese fondue here is good.

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