Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hong Kong Roast Food Express

Hong Kong Roast Food Express
22 Jupiter St. Cor. Galaxy, Makati City
7467 Bagtikan St., Makati City

There’s a new Chinese restaurant in town…literally in ikya’s village! It’s called Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express. Her mom discovered the place and introduced it to us one Sunday afternoon. We loved it! They have two branches now, one in San Antonio Village and the other in Jupiter Street. Whichever branch you go to, your tummy will surely be satisfied!

Here is what we ate so far. Give us a few weeks and we’ll finish the whole menu!

 Shallot Rice

 Winter Mapo Tofu -- steady taste.

Spareribs -- Chuck murdered this one because it was so good


Corned Pork with Fried Egg -surprisingly good! There are more pork inside.

 Birthday Noodles -- Ikya's brother loves this!

 Black Chicken -- meat felt weird, but it was good. First time we tried one.

Honey Glazed Fried Chicken -- sauce was good, but the chicken was dry...soo booo!

 Roast platter! - totally worth it!

Just another roast platter. yummehh.

Fried Mantou with condensed milk -- ikya's favorite! she can eat two in one sitting!! Served warm and fresh!

Milo! Love the first part when you scoop the milo powder!

- This restaurant is our definition of one that serves the ultimate comfort food!
- Price is very reasonable
- Must try restaurant for all Chinese food lovers!

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